Monday, September 10, 2012

Name: Ralph
Age Diagnosed: 57
Current Age: 63
Sex: Male
From: New York
Genotype: 1A
Acute or Chronic: chronic
Cured Hep C: September 2012
Treatment Length: 12 weeks
Treatment used: GS 7977 and BMS 790052 (daclatasvir) without Ribavirin

One of many success stories with GS-7977 & daclatasvir WITHOUT interferon OR ribavirin! Ralph treated for 12 weeks and should be receiving his SVR12 on September 10th, 2012.

"Treatment History: Treatment naïve prior to starting GS-7977 + Daclatasvir on March 13, 2012, treatment completed on June 4th.
Treatment Issues / Side effects: The side-effects have been minimal for me; I experienced a feeling of being spaced out along with a mild depletion of my energy that would start about 45 minutes after taking the meds and last for about 5 hours.
General Comments: March 15 - Day 2 of trial ending now. It just feels like two powerful drugs working at a deep level in your body. I slept for a full eight hours the first night, something I do very rarely. I woke up this morning feeling great and very well rested. No info available yet on reduction in viral load.
Jun 05, 2012 - My 12 week trial is now over. No more little white pills with breakfast. It feels slightly poignant- I'll miss my medicine. It was very reassuring. Now it's on to SVR4, I hope. All fifteen people on this trial at my clinic in NYC are listed as undetectable according to one of the study coordinators.
The five patients that were treatment naïves are only treating for 12 weeks - in the interest of medical science presumably. It has been a privilege to be part of this brilliant experiment with this sensational drug combination. Here is hoping that all of the patients on the 12 week protocol make SVR4, just like their 24 week colleagues did.

July 17 – I made it to SVR4! I am feeling incredibly grateful and the two others that I know of on exactly the same trial also made SVR4. It turns out we're on the world's most successful trial for Genotype 1's. All of the genotype 1's on the GS-7977 + Daclatasvir protocol made it to SVR4. Four weeks post treatment and they are still listed as virus undetectable. This looks like this really is the Interferon and Ribavirin free cure. What great good fortune we had to have done it!
I've basically felt well since I stopped the treatment almost six weeks ago now. I have a bit of tiredness and sluggishness sometimes, nothing major."

Jul 17, 2012 -
SVR4 achieved!

"I was thrilled to get the news yesterday that I was UND at week 4 post treatment - early cure. So are the two others I know of who are doing this trial. We are incredibly fortunate. It really does look like this combo is the interferon and ribavirin free cure. Gilead and BMS must know if everyone who made SVR4 on the 24 week version of the trial also made SVR12. Are they not releasing the data because they don't want more pressure to go to Phase 3 trials? I suspect and hope that there was total concordance between SVR4 and 12, as there has been with other trials with 7977. Would love to know those results. But meanwhile I am a very, very happy man. Feel blessed and grateful."

Note to Supporters: If the rest of us are going to get this CURE for ourselves and our loved ones, we have got to take action! Please help by asking all you know to sign the petition and by telling everyone about the AMAZING SUCCESS of the drug combination of GS-7977 + Daclatasvir (without ribavirin or interferon). Our very lives depend on IT!

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  1. So very happy for you Ralph and thank you for sharing your sucess story with GS-7977 + daclatasvir. Do you think any of the others in the same trial with you would possibly share these stories here as well. I think your story and the stories of others shared here can help the efforts to get Gilead to move ahead with this life-saving drug combination.

    Warmest regards,
    Margaret Dudley